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About Us – Summary of Activities and Programs

Since its beginnings in 1984, NBICF and its Italian Cultural Center, has offered a wide range of activities for the young and old, serious and not-so-serious. Members are welcome to participate on any level. Whether your interest in things Italian is social, intellectual or artistic, we offer a friendly group which welcomes your lively spirit of involvement. Click here for information on NBICF membership.

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Monthly Meetings and Dinners Our monthly meetings invite all members to typical cucina dinners with educational lectures, Italian films or cultural demonstrations. Special Winemaker Dinners are held quarterly with local fine wines paired with each course. For dinners dates & times click here or check the Monthly Dinners Category. 
Festa Italiana This event is held in the Fall. Enjoy Italian music, food, mercato, bocce, classic Italian autos and much more.
History Exhibits Our history volunteers conduct interviews and collect photographs, books and other memorabilia to preserve the legacy , historic activities and cultural contributions of Italian immigrants and their descendants. Visit the Italian Cultural Center.
Coro Allegro 
Our choral group, Coro Allegro, is for anyone who enjoys singing and performing. For information, visit the Music page.
Italian Language The language program offers a full range of instruction from introductory to advanced.
Travel Study Tours The Travel page offers a variety of local, national and international tours focusing on Italy. 
Scholarships The scholarship program offers awards for Italian-inspired studies and language classes at SRJC.
Bocce Ball Our bocce enthusiasts play and promote the ancient game played since Roman days. We have several members participating in the Sonoma County Bocce Club. 
Newsletter The Mosaico Culturale provides information on current activities, Italian-interest articles and more.
Italian Resource Link For information on other Italian and Italian-American organizations, visit this website.