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July-August 2016 Newsletter

The Mosaico July-August Newsletter is available. Click here to review and print the current newsletter. For past newsletters and instructions on printing the newsletter, go to the Newsletter page. Upcoming events described in the Mosaico:

July 12 – 6pm – Pizza, Birra & Vino at the NBICF CenterEvent Sold Out
July 16 – 1 – 5pm – Paint Italy Workshop at the NBICF Center
July 17 – 3pm – Sundays at the Center, Regional Travel Program – Lazio
July 21 – 7pm – Book Group at NBICF Center

July 30 – 5:30-10:00pm – Pallino Casino Night at St. Rose Parish Hall
This NBICF Fundraiser is jointly sponsored with the Sonoma County Bocce Federation.
UPDATE – PALLINO CASINO EVENT CANCELED. Tickets purchased for this event will be fully refunded. Call NBICF at 707-591-9696 for more information. 

August 13 – 9am-3pm – Biggest Rummage Sale Ever at NBICF Center
August 28 – 2pm – Sundays at the Center with Diane McCurdy – Movie – The English Patient
September 11 – 2pm – Sundays at the Center – Lecture by Laurence DiStasi

Click here for directions to the NBICF Italian Cultural Center (ICC)