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NBICF Scholarships – SRJC Fall 2019

NBICF Scholarships are offered to students of Italian Language Studies at SRJC in the Fall & Spring Semesters. NBICF will award three $500 scholarships to students of Italian 1, 2, 3 or 4 for the Fall Semester 2019. The deadline for applying for these scholarships is October 18, 2019.  Consideration will be given to NBICF members and to their immediate family members. Scholarship recipients will be asked to volunteer in some capacity at an NBICF event. For information on the application procedure for these scholarships, visit the Scholarship page by clicking here. 

In addition to these scholarships, NBICF awards the Marianne Pedroncelli and the  Jeanette Mancini Mitchell Scholarships in the SRJC Spring Semester.