Winemaker Dinner Reservation

Winemaker Dinner Reservation – February 13, 2023
Riviera Ristorante – 5:30 pm
75 Montgomery Drive, Santa Rosa, CA 
Prepaid Reservations required by February 6, 2023

The Winemaker Dinner flyer has the detailed menu. Click here to view.
Four course dinner with wine pairings:
Antipasti Rustico, Trofie from Recco,
Entrée Choice: 1) Braised Lamb Shank  OR
 2) Salmon Picatta,
Dessert Choice : a) Tiramisu  OR  b) Lemoncello Semifreddo
OR  c) Hazelnut Chocolate Mousse.

Payment by Credit Card or PayPal 

Reservations may be made for 1 or 2 guests with each reservation.  If more than 2 reservations are required for additional guests, please use the “Continue Shopping” option on the cart menu.

Choose one option (1 or 2 guests) and make sure to enter names, entrée & dessert choice  & seating preference in the Names, Entrée, Dessert and Seating Preference boxes.

Next to name, indicate Entrée using 1 for Lamb or 2 for Salmon. For the Dessert, select a) for Tiramisu, b) for Lemoncello Semifreddo or c) for Hazelnut Chocolate Mousse.
For example: in Names box, for choice of Lamb & Tiramisu, specify Guest Name-1a;  for Salmon & Mousse, specify Guest Name-2c.  If no dessert is selected, Tiramisu will be served.

When menu & seating preference boxes are complete, click “Add to Cart”.  When reservation is complete, select either Checkout (for credit card payment without a PayPal account) or PayPal.
To verify your information is correct, click on the More button under Winemaker Dinner
If the information is incorrect, you can remove the entry by clicking Remove and then click on Continue Shopping.  Note: In the cart, if the 2 guests option is selected, the quantity in the Cart will show “Quantity 1” and the amount will show $200 for two guests. Do not increase the Quantity as the amount will double to $400. 

Number of Guests
Names, Entree, Dessert Choices
Seating Preference

NOTE: No personal or credit card information is recorded or retained on the NBICF website. NBICF is subject to processing fees for using PayPal Merchant Payments. For this event, no processing fees have been added to the price – they are being paid by NBICF.