March-April 2022 Newsletter

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Topics presented in the Current Newsletter:

  • NBICF President George Golfieri reports on the status of the Foundation
  • Italy Travel Abroad Scholarship renamed The Sharie Sbrazza Florence Study Abroad Scholarship
  • March 19 and April 30, 2022: ToGo Dinners by Randy Apel – Menus and Reservation forms
  • Italiano Due: Conversing with gli Italiani – SRJC Community Education Course by Dave Henderson
  • Seulo, South of Sardinia – one of five blue zones worldwide with a record number of centenarians 
  • Festa della Donna, or International Women’s Day on March 8
  • Festa di San Giuseppe – the Feast of Saint Joseph on March 19
  • La Pasquetta, the Monday after Easter Sunday (Little Easter) is also a public holiday in Italy

Go to the Reservation page to make reservations for the To-Go Dinners by clicking here.